Trenchless Sewer Repairs & Replacement

Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement


 Trenchless sewer line replacement is now the way of the future. The old traditional way of replacing a sewer drain pipe is to dig up the old pipe, by hand or with a machine, and lay a new one. This way is very labor intensive and can be very expensive when a line is in a difficult position, such as under a house, a road or under concrete.

The trenchless sewer line replacement technology saves time and money and is particularly efficient when the sewer drain pipe is under a driveway, a house, sidewalk, or under a big tree.


So how does trenchless sewer line replacement work?

Using this new trenchless sewer line replacement method we excavate a hole at the building where the cast iron pipe begins and we then excavate a hole at the end of the pipe at the sidewalk. We expose the sewer drain pipe in each hole and cut out small sections of pipe. Next, we feed a large strong steel cable between the two holes. Attached to this cable is a large heavy metal cone shaped head that breaks the old pipe in place to exactly the size of the new trenchless drain pipe. The new sewer drain pipe is actually a black plastic pipe about 4 or 6 inches in diameter. This sewer drain pipe is connected together by melting the ends of the pipe and joining them to create one continuous length of sewer drain pipe without any joints, eliminating tree roots and leaks.


trenchlessAs we pull the cable through the sewer drain pipe with up to 3 tons of pressure, the splitting head bursts the old sewer drain pipe and pushes it out of the way making room for the new sewer drain pipe.

The actual replacement of the sewer drain pipe usually only takes a few hours and the work can be done in a day or two.

There is no problem pulling through roots or even residential and commercial buildings. This trenchless sewer drain replacement technology works well and because the new sewer drain pipe has no joints, is flexible so it will never crack or break and no roots can get into it.



New Pipe Installed in Scottsdale

The new sewer drain pipe also called HDPE pipe is very smooth internally so the drain is very efficient for water, debris and toilet solids to flow freely.

Option One  Plumbing specializes in trenchless sewer line replacement.
We can replace your damaged sewer drain pipe without excavating your yard using the latest trenchless sewer line replacement technology.

Constant backups in a sewer pipe drain and drain pipes, in the garage, and around the house may indicate there is a growing problem within the existing drain system. Option One Plumbing will identify the problem with the drain and fix it permanently before it gets worse, creates an expensive messy flood and may be impossible to fix.

Advantages Of Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement: Little or no digging or damage to your landscape. No removal of any concrete, driveway or patio. No future leaks or roots growing in your pipes again. No more clay pipe and orangeburg pipe. No more frequent drain cleaning or inconvenient backups.

Eliminates Of Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement: Sewer flooding. Leaking broken old clay pipe and orangeburg pipe. Tree roots in the Pipes. Constant drain clogs.

If you have any questions about trenchless sewer replacement, call Option One Plumbing the experts at trenchless sewer line replacement in Scottsdale.

trenchlessThe Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement Cost Is Cheaper Than Conventional Methods Of Sewer Replacement

When considering a trenchless sewer line replacement cost to other repair methods it is easy to see that this method of repairing and replacing damaged pipes is both cost-effective and innovative. Traditional forms of pipe repairs and replacements require technicians to dig down to reach the pipes, leaving a deep, wide trench behind them. The surface area that is above all of the damaged areas will need to be removed. This form of excavation can be highly costly due to the additional expenses that are incurred. Overall, the trenchless sewer line replacement cost is cheaper and requires fewer repairs and less excavation. Additionally, this form of pipe repairs typically results in fewer homeowner and commercial complaints.

It is often the case that conventional methods for replacing sewer lines can take as many as two full days to complete. Replacing sewer lines without digging trenches, however, can be completed in about 8 hours. This is another way in which the trenchless sewer line replacement cost is reduced considerably. There are less labor charges due to the fact that the jobs can be rapidly and efficiently completed.

trenchlessFor people who own their own homes, the trenchless sewer line replacement cost is not only a feasible investment, but it is well worth the cost given that it results in less damage to professionally landscaped areas. With conventional sewer line replacements, homeowners are usually outraged by the condition of their yards once the process has been completed. These individuals must additionally pay for the costs of repairing the damages caused to landscaping, which makes conventional methods of sewer repair much more pricey. Many homeowners would opt to pay the trenchless sewer line replacement cost as opposed to the costs for traditional methods of making these repairs. Because the repairs can be finished in less than a single day, the trenchless repair option is far more cost effective to most homeowners.

With sewer line repairs that are trenchless, the crew begins by digging a pit at both ends of the pipe area that is to be repaired. A burst head is then placed into a section of the damaged pipe. As this is passed through the pipe, the pipe shatters. A winch is used to pull the burst head completely through the damaged pipe, leading the new behind. The shattered pipe is absorbed by the surrounding soil and then the pits are back filled by the trenchless repair company. In the end, there is minimal damage to the surface area of the repair site, and all resulting issues can be quickly and cheaply remedied.

For commercial consumers, there can be tremendous savings earned by taking advantage of the much lower trenchless sewer line replacement cost. With conventional methods of digging trenches, a significant amount of damage can be created on sidewalks and parking areas. Additionally, the repair site may even cause traffic interference and noise disturbances throughout the repair process. When trenches are dug in order to perform sewer line replacements and repairs, there is an increased risk of causing damage to cable, water, electrical and telephone lines, which will also result in increased costs for the consumer. The reduced amount of risk for damaging these lines make the trenchless sewer line replacement cost the premier choice of commercial consumers. When phone, water or other utility lines are severed, a business can suffer from a total loss of productivity.

Comparing The Costs Of Trenchless Sewer Replacement And Conventional Methods

The area in which you reside is one of the determining factors of a trenchless sewer line replacement cost. The foregoing prices are based upon the national price average. The price for these services will also be dependent upon the location of the pipe itself, the amount of pipe that was damaged and how difficult it will be for a company to access the repair area.

When the replacement area is small, conventional methods will average about fifty to sixty dollars per each linear foot. This price will vary according to the actual depth of the pipes. Consumers can count on price increases when accessing the repair area proves difficult for the repair company. Additionally, in areas where landscaping features or structures must be moved, the costs for conventional services will increase. There will also be the added costs of repairing damaged areas where the trench digging has affected the landscaping.

The trenchless sewer line replacement cost averages about sixty to a hundred dollars per linear foot. If the repair area is easy to access, the total price can be even lower. Additionally, any damages to structures or landscaping are not likely to be significant. Rather than one large pit, two small pits are dug instead, causing minimal damage. This is one major way in which the trenchless repair and replacement method helps consumers to save.

The final trench less sewer repair cost is dependent upon the actual length of the pipe that is damaged. Additionally, the cause of the damage may be factored into the final cost as well. For instance, when tree roots invade sewage pipes, consumers may have to pay extra in order to have the roots removed.

The area will need to be evaluated by a licensed plumber who can investigate the potential causes for the damage. Once the complexity of the issue has been determined by a plumbing professional, he or she can issue a quote for the assessed repairs and recommend the best methods and processes for repairing damaged areas. While the typical trench less sewer line replacement cost tends be the cheapest method, it is not always the ideal solution for every repair. This too is dependent upon the complexity of the issue and the repair location.

The majority of company owners and homeowners will prefer to pay the trench less sewer line replacement cost over the hassle of choosing other methods. This is a far less invasive process and one that typically requires a shorter amount of time to complete a pipe repair or replacement. Consumers should first get a quote for the trenchless sewer line replacement cost for their repairs. In fact, it is generally recommended that consumers obtain a minimum of two quotes before selecting a plumber to work with.

The plumbing professional should definitely visit the repair site to evaluate the problem and formulate a solution. He or she should also offer detailed information concerning the potential of landscape damages, the estimated duration of the repair and whether or not clean-up services are included in the contract.

The benefits of a trench less method of repairing sewer lines far exceed the actual costs. In most instances, however, the trench less sewer line replacement cost will be considerably lower than the price of conventional digging methods.

You should always check to make certain that any plumbing professional or company that you are considering is both licensed and bonded. You can ask for quotes for both conventional and trench less methods in order to make a price comparison of your own. For most consumers and most repairs, the trench less sewer line replacement cost will prove more affordable than other solutions.

We can SAVE YOU MONEY we will inspect your sewer pipe and provide an estimate for your trench less sewer line replacement in Scottsdale

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