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Plumber In Scottsdale saves homeowners and small businesses money with each service provided.If you live in the Scottsdale area and need  a Plumber in Scottsdale AZ you can count on us when your in need, there are a lot of Scottsdale plumbing companies to call. But for the past 20 something years, most homeowners and business owners have turned to Option One Plumbing in Scottsdale for their plumbing issues. We’re just a phone call away. In fact, we find more and more people simply store our phone number in their cell phone because we cover all the Phoenix valley for our customers. After placing your call to our office, Store our number so you have it handy should you ever need us in the future.  480-946-0796

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Looking for a Plumber in Scottsdale you can count on and trust. Our customers know that our technicians will arrive on-time, all the time and give them a fair price before we perform any work. The only way to find out is give us a try and or ask your friends, we may have done work for them at some point, we have many customers in Scottsdale and completed thousands of jobs from small clogged drains to major copper re-pipes. Take a look at our Services page and see what we offer. Below you will find some money saving coupons for just about any service we offer. Present the coupon to your Plumber in Scottsdale when he arrives and take advantage of the savings.Phoenix Plumber/Plumbers Phoenix

Do you need an Affordable Plumber in Scottsdale Arizona?

Plumber in Scottsdale -Plumbing problems such as clogged drains, leaks, and other emergency plumbing problems are part of the daily lives of homeowners and businesses and need a good plumber in Scottsdale. Homeowners and businesses will inevitably need a local plumber at some point in time. When you need professional plumbing repairs and installations in Scottsdale AZ, you will need the quick reaction and quality workmanship of a skilled,plumber in Scottsdale (licensed Arizona plumber).

Scottsdale-PlumberOption One Plumbing & Rooter is prepared to serve Scottsdale, AZ and surrounding areas with professional plumbing and drain cleaning service with affordable solutions for all plumbing and drain problems that could arise. We are prepared to serve you with emergency reaction or preventative maintenance.

We look forward to serving you and being your plumber for life.

#1 Plumber In Scottsdale Arizona

When you need a plumber in Scottsdale to service your home or business, you will be delighted with the range of services offered including water heater repair, copper re-piping, sewer and drain, cleaning, repaired, or replaced, toilet stoppages, as well as sink, shower and tub problems. It’s one of the reasons why we are the Scottsdale plumbers of choice for homeowners and businesses across Chandler AZ, Gilbert AZ, Glendale AZ, Mesa AZ, Peoria AZ, Phoenix AZ, #1 plumber in Scottsdale AZ or Tempe AZ. So whenever you need a  plumber in Scottsdale , it will be a relief when the plumbing experts from Option One Plumbing arrive on-time, and with a total commitment to your satisfaction. If you need a great solution to your plumbing problems call the Plumber in Scottsdale that’s ranked #1 in the Phoenix Valley.


plumber In Scottsdale



                                    Call For Same Day Service 480-946-0796

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                                       Plumber In Scottsdale
plumber In Scottsdale

   Scottsdale-AZ Plumbing Repair Service
  No matter what your plumbing needs are in Scottsdale we have the solutions to solve all of your plumbing problems. From a clogged main sewer line to leaking pipe. Our service men are trained to fix your plumbing right the first time.
                                      Plumber In Scottsdale
 plumber In ScottsdaleScottsdale leak detection can seem like something pretty simple. And in some cases can be very easy for trained service man to locate a leak. However in some cases specialized equipment is needed to locate the source of a water or sewer pipe leak. If you have a slab leak in your home or business our technicians are trained to locate and repair your leaks fast.
                 Plumber In Scottsdaleplumber In Scottsdale

 Call The #1 Scottsdale Plumbing Contractor for fast water heater repairs and or replacement in Scottsdale. From the older tank type gas or electric water heaters to the newest tank less water heaters. Our technicians are certified by the manufacturers to properly repair or replace any type of hot water heater you my be having problems with.

  plumber In Scottsdale                      Plumber In Scottsdale    Best priced drain cleaning service in Scottsdale. No matter what drain line or sewer main stoppage you may be having our prices and service cant be beat. We charge only $49.50 for any drain or sewer line stoppage during normal business hours. We are highly trained in all the latest technology from sewer camera inspections to trench less sewer repairs and replacement if needed.
                                          Plumber In Scottsdale
plumber In ScottsdaleIf you need a drain or a sewer line hydro jetting performed in your home or business in Scottsdale.We have the hydro jetter you need. From a smaller electric hydro jetter for smaller drain lines. To a tow behind trailer hydro jetter that is capable of cleaning large diameter sewer and storm drain lines. Our Scottsdale hydro jetting service is capable if removing tree roots from your sewer main or storm drain piping guaranteed.

Option One Plumbing has a plumber in Scottsdale ready to help with any plumbing or drainage issue that you may have. 24 Hours a day 7 days a week.

We Charge a flat rate for all Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Service In Scottsdale Starting at $49.50 

Call us today for a free estimate on hydro jetting your sewer or drain lines. 480-946-0796


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  1. I don’t see why you can’t do this. People in the photography forum think it is lferectpy normal. If it makes no difference whether you know what you are doing or not when it comes to a photography business, why not plumbing too? Call yourself Go With the Flow Plumbing . Go to a plumbing store and ask them what tools you will need that will make you a prefffissional plumber, oh, and that they can’t cost more than a couple hundred dollars. When you pick yourself up off the floor after a plumber hits you up side the head with a pipe wrench, maybe it will knock some sense into your head.Then you can go to Wal Mart, buy a point and shoot digital camera, and start a photography business like everybody else thinks they can do.steve

  2. I apologize for the hot water ssuies Phillip. According to most residents out there, the problems started right before the holidays and have continued off and on as of today. We have had a plumber, Holman’s Plumbing, out at the complex since the problems started and are working as quickly as we can on a permanent solution. They have determined through testing that a unit on your hot water loop (there are 2 loops) has a broken tub or shower valve and is causing cold water to bleed into the hot water line which affects temperature. Since we do not have direct access to each unit, Mike from Holman’s will be out at the complex today to replace shower and tub valves in Bldg. 11 where the problem seems to be coming from. Please let him know. He wants to know which units are being directly affected so he can check your unit. The plumber is also going to be putting another hot water tank as a booster on the side of two buildings to increase the temperature as it cools down. That way when the hot water goes through the loop, it should stay a constant temperature no matter how far away you are from the pump room. Let me or Mike know if you have any more questions. Brian

  3. generally a journeyman Plumber would consider this. otherwise, go to an apprenticeship to become a umplber. you would usually name it your last name.(like mortal plumbing, or mere’s plumbing company) if it’s your own company, wouldn’t you rather think of your own name, it would show that you’re more intelligent and creative. if you were a Plumber, you would know what kind of tools and supplies to have on hand. hank hill answered above me.~i wouldn’t take plumbing advice from anyone except maybe swabbie and me. they obviously don’t know what there talking about. the royal flush already is a name in use and i found that name in under a minute by googling funny plumbing company names.~captsnuf, the one of those big tripod looking things made out of 3 inch pipe and about 4 feet tall is called a pipe threader. get you’re facts straight. you obviously don’t know the first thing about plumbing.~someone doesn’t like me. ignore the thumb down. i’m sorry if my answer’s upset you whoever is doing this.

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