One thought on “New Faucet Installed

  1. We seldom have a plrobem with the shower, even with other stuff running, though I do appreciate that the shower my daughters’ typically use is on a different hot water than our shower.Our plrobem is with the bath tub. My wife likes to take hot baths and filling the tub uses most of the hot water. In fact, in the winter it often uses all of the hot water and then some. We’ve been known to boil a few pots of water to add to her bath.One thing that helped was to increase the temperature of the hot water. The hotter it is, the more cold water you can include (for both the bath and the shower) and thus the longer the hot water will last. This is another reason I’m glad the girls’ bathroom is on a separate water heater less danger of scalding..-= s last blog .. =-.

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