One thought on “Septic Tank Pumping

  1. actually you need to know a couple of tgnihs to be a plumber, 1) $ #!* flows downhill and2) payday is when the check clears not before (i learned that from my experience in art and photography).you will need a few good iron pipe wrenches, a pipe cutter, a torch, a sewer clearer-outer thingy, a truck, one of those big tripod looking tgnihs made out of 3 inch pipe and about 4 feet tall. and business cards.oh, and gloves.and a face mask thingy so you don’t have to smell all the yuk.i think a good name would be kleen pipes r us of course lots of plumbers just use their name like ron the plumber or Option One Plumbing and sewer and like that there.

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