One thought on “Tankless Water Heater Repair

  1. I would generally agree with Peter J. Vaughan’s aesssemsnt that is until there was a gas leak. I had the gas company over 4 times. They couldn’t find a leak, but could smell one. After checking all the lines from the source to the unit they concluded that the lines were tight and not leaking. Cost $400. They asked that I not use names, but the truth is the truth. I called Bosch technical support who would not talk to me, only a gas certified technician at the water heater The tech took 45 minutes to figure that the control valve was bad. We called Bosch again at 455PM Eastern time to find out that they turn off the phones! I paid again. The next morning I called the hotline again, went through the same dance until I spoke to the Manager Stan. They are gatekeepers; Stan let me by to Dwaine. Dwaine granted that it is difficult for anyone not in the Eastern Time zone to speak to them and that they do not have any field warranty people. I pleaded my case and they are sending a replacement unit (after I gave them my credit card) standard UPS. I asked about all the labor I’ve paid due to THEIR DEFECT Too bad, we only warrant the unit, you must pay the labor to remove and reinstall the unit. Conclusion: Do Not buy any Bosch water heaters. According to the tech, he sees a 40-45% defect ratio, Too high and too expensive to risk. My total labor was $850 plus the original installation.

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